Download signed Forecast.lbaction

Custom action that displays weather forecast for a location using forecast data from Dark Sky

  • Weather warnings/watches alerts
  • Now, Next Hour, Today, and Week forecasts
  • Sunrise, Sunset, High, Low, Wind, Precipitation
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Magic, “Follow Me”, location shows location for wherever you are
  • Custom name and icons for locations
  • Support for US, metric, Canada, and UK units, °F and °C
  • Support for ISO country based location search


  • Signup for a free Dark Sky developer account and have your API key ready
  • Install the action by double clicking on the Forecast.lbaction file you downloaded

First Run:

  • Find the action by typing Forecast in LaunchBar
  • ␣ Space to open the location search and enter a search query then ↩
  • → on the location search result to save the location and see its forecast
  • Now that you have a location saved, the next time you invoke the action just hit ↩ and the action will default to showing you the forecast for that location

Manage Locations:

  • → on the Locations item to manage your saved locations
  • Rename a location
  • Remove a location
  • Set a Home, Airplane, or custom icon for a location
  • Make a saved location the default (the one that appears when you ↩ on the action)


  • → on the Locations item then → on the Settings item
  • Forecast Units
  • Forecast Language
  • Location Search Country
  • Check if Action is up to date
  • Check if LaunchBar is up to date
  • Enable debug mode
  • Set API Key
  • Send feedback