Cold Brew Coffee Recipe, New Orleans Style

January 15, 2019

This is my recipe for New Orleans Style Cold Brew Coffee . Cold-Brew is easy to make in bulk, ahead of time, and is less bitter that traditional methods.

Chicory and Chocolate give it a distinct flavor. Adjust along with vanilla, cinnamon and other add-ins as you wish.

This recipe makes 1 gallon, and takes 24-hours . Every two weeks I make 2 gallons over the course of 2 days.


I have tried a variety of beans, and have found the cheapest beans at Trader Joe's work great. This is the Trader's Joes Joe coffee, 14 ounces, approximately $5. I grind it in the store, coarsest grind. Leave the mess at the store .

This recipe makes 1 gallon. I make it in two half-gallon 64oz mason jars, with a Tube+ reusable filter in each.

Using a pair of pliers , crimp the edge of the coffee container at North-South-East-West

The coffee container, showing the 4 crimps.

Use your hand and pinch one side to its opposite. This will cause it to collapse, breaking on the crimps. Deforming the container makes it much easier to pour from.

Pour coffee in the filter, filling about half way.

Add two heaping tablespoons of Cacao Nibs to each filter. I use Terrasoul Cacao Nibs.

Add one heaping tablespoon of granulated chicory root. I use Starwest Botanicals Chicory Root Roasted Granules.

Add cold filtered water , dousing the grounds.

Stir with a kitchen butter knife , or other non-sharp utensil as you pour the water, trying to get all the grounds wet.

Add the remaining coffee grounds evenly to the two filters. Top off with water, stirring as you go.

Let the grounds sit, exposed, for about 30 minutes until all the gasses release. Then top off the grounds with water, filling to just under the top.

Seal with standard mason jar lid. Let stand at room temperature for 24-hours.

When brew is complete, open the lid, pull the filters up and hold for a few minutes while the brew drains .

Let the filter stand in a bowl for a few minutes to catch the remaining draining brew.

Pour the brew from the bowl back into the mason jars. The jars will now be approximately ⅔ full with brew. Fill the remainder of the jars with filtered water.

Chill in the refrigerator and drink. This photo shows the 1 gallon in the half-gallon mason jars, as well as a one-gallon mason jar with spout.

The recipe makes cold-brew concentrate. To drink, mix cold-brew concentrate 1:1 with water.

In my case I fill a glass ¼ with water, ¼ with half-and-half (light cream), and ½ with cold-brew concentrate. Top with a few ice cubes and ready to drink. In the winter I make a similar mix, but microwave for 3 minutes to get hot coffee.

Each gallon is approximately 20 cups of coffee . Cost is less than $0.50 per 12 oz cup. Very affordable.

Experiment by adjusting brew time, add-ins, and coffee beans. I find the Medium-Roast, Columbian, type beans work great. In the winter, some of the bolder Winter bean mixes are also good.